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    COMMA is a project management system for publishers. It covers every management aspect, from when the project is in its infancy – until after its publication. The system ensures all parties involved are updated on progression and gives an overview of all active projects. COMMA offers necessary support and information to authors, including the coaching of authors making their literary debut. The system offers integrated support for salespeople and contains automated functions for generating press-releases, contracts, as well as gathering quotes from printing houses. Calculating royalty and sending sales and royalty reports is another essential part of the system.

About Us

Commentum Forlag was established in 2000 and is currently staffed by 15 skilled employees. It is a member of the publishing-group Forlagshuset Vest, which annually publishes over a hundred titles. We have offered printing and graphic services to the private industry, as well as web-based technology, since the company was founded. Our extensive experience within the industry has been an invaluable foundation for the development of the project management tool COMMA.

COMMA is designed to create a structured workflow with the purpose of saving time and resources. The most important aspect is that the system also has a promotional function, and through that helps generate additional income for the publisher:

  1. Timesaver (automated processes, simplifies procedures and routine)
  2. Savings (increased overview of projects and flow of information)
  3. Generates revenue (correct information at the right time to the person in charge, promotional and sales tools)


Online Collaboration

Set up online and real time collaboration between authors, illustrators, translators, agents, editors, proofreaders, sales managers, graphic designers, PR managers and many others involved in publishing process.

Technical Support

We will assist you with the setup and the hassle of configuring your organization's workspace. Also, if you require new features we will analyze the opportunity of integrating them into the system.

Responsive Layout

The system is developed with a responsive design.

It’s easily accessible, even on mobile phones and tablets – from anywhere in the world.


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